Friday, February 17, 2012

All About You...Kayla Plosz

Here is a little insight into the talented Kayla exhibiting at SooVAC until March 25th...

1. What is your first art related childhood memory?
I remember the smell of finger paints. I also remember sneaking into my older brother’s room to use his special Crayola markers that were in a collector’s tin. They were juicy and pristine and he never used them. I never took care of my art supplies as a kid.

2. As an artist, who is your biggest influence?

Other painters—the Ab-Exers, Amy Sillman, Jacqueline Humphries, Katharina Grosse—too many to name.

3. What did you listen to in the studio while creating this show?
A mix of things really loud: The Black Keys, The National, Otis Redding, and others. I like to listen to music that makes me feel like dancing.

4. Name three unexpected items one would find in your studio.
I don’t know if I have anything unexpected in my studio. A lot of garbage I suppose. I don’t clean up very often…

5. What is your least favorite famous work of art?
Anything by Jeff Koons or Andy Warhol.

6. What art do you have hanging on your walls?

Collages, paintings, and prints from other artist friends. When you’re a poor artist, you do a lot of trading.

7. What are you working on now?
2, 7 ft. square paintings for my thesis exhibition in May. And a bunch of 1 ft. square paintings.

8. What will the title of your retrospective at MOMA be?
Oh wow, I have no idea. I had trouble with a title for this show!

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