Sunday, October 9, 2011

All About...Books

Now that SooVAC is host to three little free libraries I thought is would be a good time to highlight this project and the essential nature of books in the arts.

Founders of Little Free Library Todd Bol and Rick Brooks came up with the simple yet brilliant idea of creating elegantly simple housing structures of reclaimed wood and other found materials, in order to bring literacy awareness to one neighborhood at a
time. For More on this amazing project you can visit their website HERE and the recent Star Tribune article HERE. These image are of the libraries that now call the exterior of SooVAC home. Bring by books to exchange (follow the take a book leave a book motto)...artist created books are especially welcome. As the project grows we are hoping to commission local artists to create their own Little Free Libraries. The Amish Built Little Free Libraries are available for sale at SooVAC, you can contact us at or 612-871-2263.

Books can be an essential companion to artists work...recontextualizing and expanding an initial concept or creating a completely different view. It is a more intimate look at an artist's work...not only in its ability to expand a conversation but as an object that marks an experience one can easily take away with them for later exploration.

On Saturday October 22nd, 6-9pm, during the closing of hot 3-way action and Jet-setter Hideaways: The Utopian Propaganda, there is also going to be a book release of a Location Volume exploring the process involved in creating hot 3-way action. Location Volumes is the brain child of local artists Scott Nedrelow and Ruben Nusz, a publishing experiment created to give artists an unmediated platform to define their own work. Visit HERE to see previous volumes of Location books.

And one last note...well more like a recommendation for one of my favorite artist created books, an old one but a good one: