Sunday, January 9, 2011

All About You…Karl Unnasch

Get to know Karl Unnasch, who is currently working on Suspension of This Belief, an installation and performance which will take place during Get Lucky 2011! There is still a chance to bring in an object to have it transformed into art! Visit HERE for more information on how. Our last blog entry shows some of the objects already brought in for transformation.

1. What is your first art related childhood memory? Mom sitting on the couch in the living room whittling hillbilly caricature figures with an Exacto hobby knife whilst pregnant with my twin sisters.

2. As an artist, who is your biggest influence? Obsessives and Compulsives: Those whose passions are their transgressions. I am fascinated by those compelled to make and do without reason. Their endeavors are more honest than any artist.

3. What did you listen to in the studio while creating this show? I keep the dial sound system is a mix of MPR, blues, and podcasts.

4. Name three unexpected items one would find in your studio. Y'know.everything here is necessary and deliberate. All my stuff is important to my work. A lack of bourbon would come as a shock to some, but I am usually on top of that.

5. What is your least favorite famous work of art?
At least 70% of most contemporary "famous" work is vacuous and pretentious if not just plain lazily executed. I need to see more work that puts the artist back into her/his/their work with some honest sacrifices and efforts.

6. What art do you have hanging on your walls?
I collect work from those artists whom I know and respect.

7. What are you working on now? Way too much, really. My biggest challenge is turning my house into a living installation.

8. What will the title of your retrospective at MOMA be?
Duck and Cover: The Natural Wrath of the Aesthetic.

Thanks Karl!!!
For more information on Suspension of This Belief visit HERE.
For more work by Karl Unnasch visit HERE.