Friday, April 27, 2012

All About You...August Krogan-Roley

 Here is a little insight into August Krogan-Roley now exhibiting in The Looming at SooVAC.
 1.  What is your first art related childhood memory?
Its kinda weird but I remember being very young and wanting to learn how to draw super heroes while visiting my father in prison.

2.  As an artist, who is your biggest influence?
I think my greatest influence has been my ever-expanding sense of community...but if your looking for big names, I've been really into the writings of Gaston Bachelard and Gilles Deleuze. And some of my favorite artists right now are Ettore Sottsass, Sterling Ruby, Matthias Weischer, Richard Wright, Tony Swain, Mamma Andersson, Daniel Richter and Neo Rauch.

3. What did you listen to in the studio while creating this show?
Errors, Uncle John and Whitelock, Tut Vu Vu, And Phantom Tails

4.  Name three unexpected items one would find in your studio.
a two-way mirror, an electric scooter, and a roll of carpet protectant film...

 5.  What is your least favorite famous work of art?
Damien Hirst's
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, I'm not denying it's relevance but I think there was much more provocative things happening with some of the other YBA's.
6.  What art do you have hanging on your walls?
 A Michael White Sculpture, an Alan Stanners Collage, and a Jamie Clements Speaker (Glasgow's finest in exile)
7.  What are you working on now?
I'm translating my narrative painting process into a series of large scale tapestries.
8.  What will the title of your retrospective at MOMA be?
Near Cited

Thanks August!
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